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Welcome to the wonderful world of romantic suspense. I am your host, Maureen. My illustrious writing career started in the fourth grade with the blockbuster hit, Super Watermelon Man. Many years later I evolved into a full-fledged Romantic Suspense author with my first novel, WIDOW'S TALE, which was nominated for a Golden Heart award by the Romance Writers of America. 

A fan of the traditional gothic romance novels, I enjoy the formula of danger, romance, dark cliffs, and sinister houses-all aspects that I probably acquired from watching too many Scooby Doo episodes. With the release of BEYOND I have ventured into the Young Adult genre. The core elements still exist in this novel. Danger. Romance. And a happy ending! 

Do you love romantic suspense, adventure, happy-ever-afters, and mozzarella? Then you're in the right place!

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If you are looking for something different, try out these two young adult adventures with a dose of romance. 

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Maureen is the founder of JUST ROMANTIC SUSPENSE and the JUST sites.