He was chasing a criminal. 

She was fleeing the law. 

One accident made their worlds collide. 

An accident on a frozen highway brings two strangers together. Nate Morrison has no recollection of what placed him on that icy stretch so far from home. In his line of business, memory loss was unacceptable and accountability was crucial. 

Upon her parents’ death, Emily Brennan became the sole guardian of her brilliant, yet eccentric brother. Her devotion to protect him from a world that shunned the abnormal made her do the unthinkable. She stole designs from National Marine Dynamics…and now she was on the run. 

Only an hour from the promise of safety, Emily witnesses the car behind her spin out of control on an icy stretch of highway. Fear dictated that she should flee, but the body slumped on the shoulder of the road appealed to her humanity. 

Emily and Nate are two strangers thrown together by an errant patch of ice. Would the truths of their identities tear them apart or would they unite in battle against an egomaniac that threatened the safety of innocent civilians. 

Previously released as BORROWED TIME. Revised by the author in 2015.


“Are you alright?”

He heard the voice, but was blind to anything else.

Eyelids that felt encrusted with cement struggled to open. Vertigo set in and his mind careened down a tunnel laced with images of a dark, icy road scarred by the reflection of taillights. The rear lights loomed closer, no longer crimson smears, but distinct forms in the shape of cat eyes.  Beneath his boot, the brake pedal lost its tension and a sickening sense of weightlessness ensued.

Headfirst, he plummeted down that illusory tunnel. There was no bright light—only the echoes of squealing tires and a blackness that would consume his soul.

Are you alright?

Perhaps his soul had not been consumed.  There was the voice again.  Or was it from the other side?

Without any fanfare, his eyes opened.

An angel hovered over him.

Radiance from the streetlight framed her in an ethereal glow, with silky cinnamon hair and willowy white arms.  That same light eclipsed her features as he tried to blink and bring her back into clarity.

“Are you alright?”  The deity repeated.

Figuratively speaking, he was.  After all, he had expected fire and brimstone when he died, not this divine creature.  Perhaps someone up there had a sense of humor.

“Don’t move—I’m calling for help.”

That command wasn’t a problem. He couldn’t budge an inch.  There was pain, but it was distant, like a nebulous form in a remote galaxy. Vaguely, he was aware of black twitching tree limbs heavy with frost as they snapped against each other, their staccato rhythm lulling him towards oblivion.

No.  His angel said she was leaving.  He had to bring her back.  The darkness was just too bleak an alternative.


She reappeared and overwhelmed him with her compassionate smile.

“I’m not going to leave you.” Her whisper was kind, as he felt delicate fingers touch his own.

So warm was the texture against his frozen hands.

With new found tenacity he held onto that link until his angel faded into the shadows and the tunnel consumed him.